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Transport Canada, Marine Safety Pre-Certification Course Registration

If you are a professional mariner you can register for these courses to prepare for Transport Canada, Marine Safety examinations.


Chartwork & Pilotage - Level 1: $350.00
Chartwork & Pilotage - Level 2: $700.00
Astro-Navigation - Level 1: $650.00
Astro-Navigation - Level 2: $700.00
Communications - $350.00
(Above cost includes Study Guide & pubs.)

The Sextant (Includes Tutorial and Exam) : $200.00
Meteorology - Level 2 (Tutorials as required) : $500.00
All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Registration Form

Please begin the registration process by filling out this form. Once submitted, we will be in touch to complete the payment process either by phone or by email. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discovery as methods of payment.

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What clients have said...

"Excellent ... completely practical ... I appreciated the timely response and the helpful support and guidance. I highly recommend this school's Celestial course."

- Campbell Ross

Grand Prairie, AB

"The coastal and celestial navigation courses have made the process of refreshing, retrieving, and amplifying knowledge and qualifications highly interesting, thorough and very satisfying."

- Victor Garand

Edmonton, AB

Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials are Supplied?

  • Test Materials
  • Celestial Plotting Sheets and Sight Table extracts
  • Catalogue of Charts & Boating Safety Guide
  • Tide Table extracts
  • Navigational Aids Template
  • Navigation Charts, two Full size up to date Coloured; One Canadian, One American

Why should I take this course?

Cruise with the skills of a professional, ensure your voyages are a complete success. Prepare for Certification with:
  • Sailing Associations
  • Power Squadrons
  • Coast Guard
  • Transport Canada, Marine Safety Certification

I'm really busy, is this course right for me?

These courses do not tie you down to a regular schedule, you control when, where, and how long you will study, and how long it will take to complete the course.