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Reviews and Testimonials

I have just completed the Celestial course (HO 249 method) and found it to be excellent and completely practical as to content. I appreciated the timely response to my correspondence work and the helpful support and guidance necessary to become proficient in Celestial navigation. I highly recommend this school's Celestial course.

Campbell Ross
Grande Prairie, AB
ISPA Member

I recently completed the Transport Canada Astro Navigation exam and was successful due in large part to the encouragement and support from Mr. Hudson and the excellent course material. The Celestial navigation course books inspired in me a keen interest for the subject matter. Mr. Hudson was always prompt in the marking of assignments using email and was always accommodating to my questions. I recommend his course to anyone with an interest in navigation including professional mariners.

Duncan McCallum
Navigation Officer,
Canadian Coast Guard.

I recently completed the Celestial Navigation Course. After having completed the course , I can testify that the course completely fulfilled my requirements and expectations. Barrie provided prompt feedback to the exercises via the internet, including illustrations of where I may have strayed from the correct solution path. The organization of the material is logical and the content complete. The exercises were designed to ensure the content was well understood. In retrospect, I felt I was skillfully guided through the minefield of learning how to find my location at sea.

David Ryon
New York, USA.

Recently completing your Coastal and Celestial courses I would like to comment on how the structure of the courses made it easy and interesting to follow. Within a short period of time I was able to pass Transport Canada's Chartwork and Pilotage exam and also the Astro- Navigation exam . Strongly recommend your Coastal and Celestial courses to anyone wishing to become a navigator.

Ron Pallan
Nanaimo, B.C.

My efforts to learn Celestial Navigation have included the purchase of three books on "how to do it". Your courses were the only way that I was able to get a grasp of the art. I now have HO 249 and the Calculator method ready for ocean voyages.

Ed Kitchin
New York, USA

Thanks for shedding light on the mysterious subject of " Celestial Navigation". I found the course both interesting and challenging and particularly appreciated your consistently prompt and helpful comments on all submissions.

Laurie Siemens
CYA Student, #SC 2694.

I found the Coastal course to be comprehensive easy to follow and practical . I enjoyed the course and appreciate the help and advice given. I'm looking forward to taking your Celestial course in the near future.

Dan Phipps
Maine, USA

I want to thank you for the excellent celestial navigation correspondence course that you have set up. The material is straightforward, easy to understand and enjoyable to work through. Problem solving examples are laid out in logical sequences and the examples allowed me to figure out, for myself, where I had made errors in my thinking and how to attack future problems that you presented.

I especially appreciated the interest that you took in my progress and the help that was just a keystroke or phone call away. I felt very prepared to write the CYA exam after completing your course. As a retired educator, I recognize good courses and good learning progression when I see it. Your course is one of the best that I have experienced. Many thanks, Barrie.

Judy Henderson
Retired teacher, High School Principal and School Superintendent

Having recently returned to my first professional interest in life, the sea, I have been busy refreshing, retrieving and amplifying knowledge and qualifications acquired over four decades ago. Mr. Hudson's Coastal and Celestial Navigation courses have made the process highly interesting, thorough and very satisfying.

The organization of the courses in a logical series of units, the understanding of each level being verified through unit tests (correspondence questions), and final examinations which leave the successful student with a feeling of confidence are key to their value.

Prompt access to the teacher via e-mail, facsimile, telephone and post left no questions unanswered.

I certainly don't hesitate in recommending the courses to anyone interested in acquiring a thorough and practical understanding of marine navigation, coastal and off-shore.

Victor Garand
Edmonton, Canada

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Materials are Supplied?

  • Test Materials
  • Celestial Plotting Sheets and Sight Table extracts
  • Catalogue of Charts & Boating Safety Guide
  • Tide Table extracts
  • Navigational Aids Template
  • Navigation Charts, two Full size up to date Coloured; One Canadian, One American

Why should I take this course?

Cruise with the skills of a professional, ensure your voyages are a complete success. Prepare for Certification with:
  • Sailing Associations
  • Power Squadrons
  • Coast Guard
  • Transport Canada, Marine Safety Certification

I'm really busy, is this course right for me?

  • Unlike a course requiring personal attendance at specific times each week, you are not tied to a regular schedule.
  • You control when, where, and how long you will study, how speedily you will complete.